Treehouse Spa Room

The Davis Ranch Retreat is honored to be part of the  Animal Planet series, “Treehouse Masters”, which debuted in June 2013. The show itself introduces people to the World of Trees…..and we hope our Treehouse Spa Room segment, which aired for the first time on Friday, June 14 2013, extends the introduction.

Pete Nelson, the mastermind and star of the new show, is a self-described tree whisperer who builds full-fledged homes in the treetops, complete with electricity and running water.   You’ll see Pete tackle some interesting architectural problems, like how to rest a 37.5-ton ranch house between four somewhat dubious-looking tree trunks, how to float a barn-style tavern 25 feet off the ground in the dead of the Ohio winter, and how to troubleshoot a finicky plumbing situation for a Treehouse spa in Austin.  That “Treehouse Spa Room” is our newest addition to the Davis Ranch Retreat amenities.

The Treehouse

The show was taped in January, 2013….during some of the coldest days of the year.  But it was FUN!!!   I hosted five of the NICEST and most accomplished carpenters at the ranch for 3 weeks, as well as about a dozen of the most talented filmmakers from Stiletto Productions, all of whom worked day and night to meet television production deadlines.  These skilled professionals from two different worlds combined their gifts: the carpenters built a dream from scratch; the filmmakers expertly produced a visual of the final, remarkable product.  The result is a beautiful Spa room where Retreat guests can book a massage, or just sit on the porch with a drink and look out over the pasture.

It was definitely an unforgettable event.  They had me working the Longhorns with Pete… and THAT was an experience in itself.  And they really did make me stay out of the Treehouse until the final reveal, so it would be a true surprise to me.  I even had a surprise of my own for my sons.  I had stopped talking about the project in front of the boys because initially they were uncomfortable with the idea of spending money on a ‘treehouse’.  But on the Friday before the reveal, I knew I would have to let them know about it.  So I invited them, along with my Ranch Family who was totally involved in the production of the show, to a dinner at the ranch with the Treehouse Men.  The boys were won over by the exceptional quality and integrity of the work, and by the Treehouse Men themselves.

Come visit us… schedule a massage with one of our four licensed massage therapists who are on call… take advantage of the steam shower, complete with lights and music… or just sit on the porch and enjoy the quiet, relaxing sounds of the ‘country’.

Treehouses are not just for kids!
No, you don't have to climb a ladder!
The murphy bed closes up into the wall, allowing room for the massage table.
The Treehouse Spa's steam shower has water coming from all directions, including a Rain Forest shower head.'s got lights and music!!!
Nice and peaceful.
The view from up in the trees.

Another successful “All Girls Weekend”! The Davis Ranch Retreat is absolutely the perfect place to gather!
– Dorothy (Sam) – San Antonio, TX


We love how peaceful it is and we always feel right at home. – Pam, Seattle, WA


Thanks for the genuine hospitality!! – Iris and Ron – Scottsdale, AZ


This is such a wonderful place for parties of all kinds!! – Jessica – San Antonio, TX