The Davis Ranch family consists of myself and my two sons… and my “Ranch Family”, the Goertz’s and the Seidels… and my neighbors, the Hendricks… and Billy, my foreman… and, oh yes… these ‘critter children’ of mine:

Feisty Frannie - This is my FAVORITE Longhorn… love her rich color, and her feisty energy.
Ginger - This is my oldest Longhorn… she kind of rules the place.
Mrs. Linebacker - A good look up close at one of ‘the girls’.
Nothing much better than seeing new Longhorn babies!
Criss Cross - This is my bull, and I miss him ‘cause I had to sell him… he kept visiting the neighbor’s cows.
Criss Cross didn’t like to stay on our place… so he just ‘mowed down’ the gate.
Working the cows - Notice I’m not down in the middle of these Longhorns… just ‘working’ them and giving them their meds.
Meet Buffy, my neighbors’ Linda and Leighton’s “pool toy”.
Fox in a Gutter Pipe - Seriously? That’s where you decided to make your ‘home’?
Feral Hogs - Listen you little pigs... the grass is for my horse and the Longhorns. Who invited you!?!? Total in this bunch of feral hogs?... 3 sows &11 piglets.

Another successful “All Girls Weekend”! The Davis Ranch Retreat is absolutely the perfect place to gather!
– Dorothy (Sam) – San Antonio, TX


We love how peaceful it is and we always feel right at home. – Pam, Seattle, WA


Thanks for the genuine hospitality!! – Iris and Ron – Scottsdale, AZ


This is such a wonderful place for parties of all kinds!! – Jessica – San Antonio, TX